BOOSTER for Fungal nail infection

Nail fungus treatment

The FUNGAL NAIL INFECTION TREATMENT BOOSTER forms a double protective barrier and speeds up the regeneration process for nails that have been yellowed and damaged by fungal nail infections. It halves the treatment time for fungal nail infections.

  • Speeds up treatment
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Swiss Made


The FUNGAL NAIL INFECTION TREATMENT BOOSTER effectively combats fungal nails, yellow & damaged nails and nail psoriasis. The product acts mechanically and forms a protective lipidic film that eliminates the fungal infection and promotes the natural renewal of the nail.

This unique formulation provides a fast and effective treatment for yellow and damaged fungal nails. It strengthens the barrier function of the nail, restores natural immunity and helps eradicate the parasitic fungus that causes yellow, thick and even peeling nails. This local treatment effectively and permanently treats fungal nails (onychomycosis) and prevents the spread of the fungal infection (dermatophytes) to other toenails.

The results are quickly visible, to regain perfectly healthy nails that are smooth and shiny!

This medical device is a regulated health product that bears the CE mark in accordance with this regulation. Read the instructions carefully before use.



Daily use: Purifying Serum Nails & Contours is applied to the nail and the skin around the nail (cuticles, nail bed, grooves).

Apply once or twice a day (morning and evening) to a clean, dry, unpolished nail until the desired result is achieved or until a healthy nail grows back.

Suitable for all nails, feet and hands, diabetics, pregnant women, athletes and children. Penetrates quickly. The oil-serum can be used as a preventive treatment on other nails to prevent the spread of these microscopic fungi.

It is recommended to consult a podiatrist at least once or twice a year to keep the skin and nails of the feet healthy.


As there are no effective products to treat the nail pathologies of her patients, Maud Falconnet, podiatrist in Geneva, invests in the research of natural and organic active ingredients that are effective in caring for and beautifying the nails.

    She studies the most recurrent pathologies and formulates a range of serums that :

  • Treats the pathology
  • Prevents the onset or recurrence of the condition
  • Soothes foot ailments
  • Reconstructs and respects the nail matrix and nail bed
  • Intervenes in addition to a podiatrist intervention
  • Provides a palliative treatment when the pathology is more complex ( for example ungual psoriasis, hyperkeratosis, scopulariopsis brevicaulis).

Poderm was born in 2015, with more than one million satisfied customers worldwide.



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Maud FALCONNET, a Podiatrist in Geneva, was confronted by a lack of solutions to treat the nail pathologies of her patients, suffering from numerous therapeutic failures.
Faced with this observation, in 2015 she developed the PODERM® METHOD, a patented treatment technique practiced in her office, and during her research she discovered a formulation principle with exceptional results that would later revolutionize the foot and nail health market.
PODERM® products are recommended every day by podiatrists and dermatologists around the world.


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PODERM®’s know-how is based on patented and innovative technology in medical formulation and manufacturing.
The formulations are composed of 100% concentrated natural ingredients and guarantee maximum results.


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PODERM® products are developed in Switzerland according to the highest quality standards in the world.
The effectiveness of the products and their maximum tolerances have been demonstrated by clinical studies.
PODERM® presents its clinical research at international scientific conferences.



Main active ingredients :
Tea Tree, Palmarosa, Organic Clove: powerful anti-mycosis dermocaustic essential oils, very effective especially on Candida Albicans, promote the penetration of the daily anti-mycosis treatment and accelerate the repair of the nail.

than 30 botanical ingredients are used, all organic certified. They are carefully selected for their effectiveness and their ability to heal, repair and beautify the nails.



How to apply the Booster serum ?
The Booster serum should be applied twice a week to the damaged nail in addition to the Purifying Oil-Serum (or other antifungal product). It is applied like an anti-fungal varnish.

Who can use the Booster serum ?
The whole family, pregnant women, children and diabetics.

How many applications does the bottle contain?
Approximately 300.